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10 Tips for Building an Expert Reputation

Note: This post was originally published at and was moved to BizAmmo upon that blog’s reorganization.

One common purpose of marketing and PR efforts is to build up a reputation. Professionals in every industry or niche have an interest in building their reputation as an expert in the field, which can lead to exposure and name recognition. Here are ten tips to help you build an expert reputation in your industry:

1. Always have business cards on you.

You never know when you’ll run into a potentially important contact.

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2. Develop a niche website or blog.

Sharing your expertise online is easy and inexpensive, and can get your name out through word of mouth if you provide high quality information.

3. Publish a newsletter.

Newsletters can be published online or in print, and are another excellent way to spread your name through quality expert information.

4. Write and submit articles.

You can publish articles online in article directories for a viral effect, or publish to newsletters, ezines, newspapers, or magazines in your industry for more credibility and better target market reach.

5. Write letters to the editor.

By writing opinion pieces on industry-relevant topics, and getting them published, you can build an expert reputation and gain visibility, especially through local media.

6. Get a professional publicity photo.

Make sure you look friendly and professional, and include it on your website, newsletters, company reports, or anywhere else appropriate. People tend to react better when they can see, and connect with, the person providing them with information, products, or services. It helps to build trust.

7. Create a press kit.

By highlighting company or professional background information, past media mentions, awards, and more, you or your company can look “bigger” than you are at the moment. You can add this media kit to an online press room for even more reach, by making it available to the public.

8. Hold or sponsor industry-relevant events.

By sponsoring events, giving seminars, or similar activities, you get to build your live presence and image, again while sharing information to build your expert reputation. Live presentations give you the opportunity to try to personally influence your audience.

9. Write press releases.

Do something newsworthy, and tie your news to bigger things going on in your industry. In your press releases, include direct quotes from yourself with expert-sounding comments regarding the news or its impact, and be sure to cite them with your name, title, and company name.

10. Write a book.

Sure, writing a book can be time-consuming, and you may not get a publisher to pick it up. But in this day and age, if dealing with agents and publishers isn’t your thing, you can also self-publish a book, or write an e-book. In addition to being a way to share your expertise and bring name recognition, writing a book or e-book can also add another income stream to your work.

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