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3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Twitter

There are various resources all organisations need to use if they’re looking to succeed today.

Some are obvious and are utilised automatically at the startup stage, whilst many more, although they’re known about, aren’t looked at in-depth for a variety of reasons.

One perfect example is social media, with Twitter often being the primary culprit.

A fantastic resource that has benefits in abundance, it’s not knowing these benefits – all of which are essentially reasons why Twitter should be utilised – that can make people ignore the channel (at least until they get convinced otherwise by someone, but this could very easily be months down the line!).

Therefore, if you’re currently in this boat – you know about Twitter, but aren’t using it – take a look at these three reasons, all of which are considered key to why all organisations really need to be using the resource today.

1. It’s a free tool

The one thing most small businesses don’t have a lot of is money and so wherever possible, dollars are always tried to be saved.

With Twitter, you’re essentially getting a resource that can be used for a vast array of different purposes, from sales through to marketing and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Completely free to use, the only real cost is your time – but as the results can be substantial if used effectively, the return on your ‘investment’ can be considerable.

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2. It gives you huge audience reach

When you’re first starting up, speaking to even a relatively small section of your audience is difficult.  You have no brand reputation, no  brand awareness and are essentially trying to succeed in what could very easily be an over-saturated marketplace.

Whilst Twitter won’t be the answer to all of your problems, what it will do is ensure you aren’t just focusing on your immediate local area, something most small businesses have to do.  Even if you have a website, you’re still likely to tell your friends and family about what you’re doing first – with Twitter, you could tell millions of people around the world in one go.

Sure, your tweets could fall on deaf ears to start with, but you might just be surprised how many visitors your website starts getting from Twitter as you grow and develop your presence.

3. It’s perfect for customer engagement

If there’s one thing all businesses need to be doing today, it’s engaging with their customers on a level they haven’t had to previously.

Consumers aren’t just looking to do business with a brand quickly and instantly.  Instead, they want to develop a relationship with them so they can feel completely and utterly confident that they’re spending their money with the right company – and the best way to do this from the organisation’s point of view is to engage and interact with your audience as much as you possibly can.

By using Twitter, you can talk about your products and services.  Discuss industry news.  Comment on what other people are saying.  Make a joke.  Post pictures of ‘life in the office’.  Whatever it is, the more you’re ‘chatting’ to your customers, the better it will be, as they’ll develop a long-lasting, trusting relationship with you, which is what helps make customers buy – and keep on buying – from you.

There’ll be some people reading this post who are thinking “you’re preaching to the converted” and I’m happy to say this group is continually increasing.  There are plenty more people, however, who although are aware of Twitter, simply don’t realise how beneficial it can be – the truth is, although you could be successful if you didn’t use it, by taking advantage of it, you should be able to achieve (more!) success quicker and easier, something all businesses aspire to do.

This post was originally featured on August 27,  2013.

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