ANNOUNCEMENT: BizAmmo has been retired. All new content (and much of the BizAmmo archives) can now be found at Some archived content will remain on the original domain for the time being. But there will be no further updates to BizAmmo.

A Changing Focus at BizAmmo

BizAmmo is one of several websites I own and manage. And over the last couple of years, it’s been neglected more than I’d like. This is partially a result of my time being needed elsewhere, partially the result of me taking more time off for health reasons, and partially a result of my own changing interests as a writer.

When I launched this site, it was designed to cover a fairly wide spectrum of small business issues. But the truth is, my interest lies predominantly in the online business sector, even moreso in online PR and internet marketing (the background I come from).

I’ve been working on a massive content audit for the site, and have come to the conclusion that to reinvigorate BizAmmo, I need to re-invent it.

As such, I want to officially announce that BizAmmo will soon change its focus. It will no longer cover general small business issues, and I will no longer accept guest posts of this nature.

Instead, BizAmmo will focus on online marketing and PR, along with the occasional post covering other online business issues (though I expect these will affect brick-and-mortar stores with any kind of web presence as well). Posts will emphasize actionable advice and tutorials as well as online marketing and PR tools and resources for small and online business owners.

What does that mean as far as changes? Honestly, not much just yet.

The blog’s category structure and the main site navigation will change a bit to prioritize the new focus areas. But all previous posts will remain accessible in the archives. As noted, guest post pitches moving forward will only be accepted if they fall within the new focus areas of the site. You can expect to see much more frequent updates starting within the next few weeks. And you’ll see some of the older marketing and PR content here undergo drastic overhauls, expansions, and improvements.

Other than that, you shouldn’t notice much in the way of changes. The site’s design is expected to stay the same for now, though there will be some slight branding adjustments to reflect the change.

If you have questions, have problems accessing older content for any reason in coming weeks, or want to suggest a topic to be covered (or pitch a guest post), feel free to contact me at

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