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Are Business Cards Still Useful For Small Business Owners Today?

When you’re trying to grow and develop your small business, chances are you’ll try out most things you read or which people tell you.  You might not have complete and utter faith in them, but if someone seems to have had success with something themselves, why shouldn’t you be able to see the same results?

And for many, it’s highly likely you’ve at least considered business cards.

But how beneficial are they today?  Once considered a staple part of business, we’re living in a world where interaction and engagement is quick, easy and possible on various platforms, so are business cards still necessary?

The truth is they can still be extremely beneficial for small business owners in particular – you generally just have to utilise them in a way that incorporates the resources you now have available today.

For instance, traditionally, a business card features your name, position, telephone number and e-mail address.  Now if you’re meeting someone for the very first time – such as at a networking event – this information alone will be useful.

If you’re meeting someone who you’ve spoke to already, however, there’s a very good chance the person has already ‘Googled’ you, come across your Linked In profile and knows these details.

And even if you are meeting someone for the first time, just providing your name, position, phone number and e-mail address doesn’t really do a lot, except tar you together with the majority of other people who use a business card without thinking about it.

Therefore, why not try and make your card stand out a little?

Perhaps include your Twitter and Facebook profile URLs.  Sure, they may not be clickable and someone will have to physically type them into their address bar, but if they’re interested in you, they’ll do it – and apart from anything, it shows people you and your small business aren’t just the same as everyone else.

Another great way you could utilise your business cards would be to do the one thing so many people still don’t do – use the reverse.

You could invest a huge amount of money getting your business cards to look and read great, but if you’ve left the back blank, it can be slightly annoying and make the person receiving it feel as though the business card hasn’t completely fulfilled their requirements or expectations.

What you put on the back is up to you, but something useful – such as your website’s URL – is a good idea.  However, a favourite saying of yours could be a great option, too.

Although business cards might seem like an old resource, the reality is they can still be extremely beneficial for small business owners today and you simply have to take the time to work out how they can be utilised to ensure the best results possible are seen.

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