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Benefits of Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards can be a useful tool for entrepreneurs during business startups, emergencies, or even in the day-to-day running of a business. While business credit cards operate much in the same way as personal credit cards, there are several benefits of using business credit cards for business financing as opposed to a business owner using a personal credit card or other payment methods. Here are several benefits of business credit cards:

Credibility – Business credit cards can make a small or online business appear larger or more legitimate than other payment methods. Using business credit cards also contributes to a business credit rating which, if used properly, can build future trust in the company.

Convenience – If funds are needed immediately, such as in a business emergency, a business credit card can offer a solution if cash isn’t readily available.

Record-Keeping – When business credit cards are used for business purchases, the credit card company automatically keeps a record of all transactions which are sent to the business owner in a statement. This is especially useful during business travel or business entertainment situations, where the business owner’s attention might not be as focused on recording all spending.

Time – Just like with personal credit cards, business credit cards give a business owner time to pay for purchases rather than paying entirely up front, making them ideal for large business purchases.

Protection – Also as with personal credit cards, a business credit card offers a certain amount of protection on purchases by a business owner, where cash or other payment models wouldn’t. This would come in handy if the business owner received defective goods but couldn’t obtain a typical refund, or if there were problems while on a business trip with travel arrangements.

Perks – Business credit cards can offer similar perks to personal credit cards, such as cash back or frequent flyer miles which might be a worthwhile perk for heavy business travelers.

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