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Sometimes submitting your company website to massive lists of Web directories can seem like a daunting task. In reality, most general directories (aside from the well-maintained, well-promoted paid directories in many cases) won’t do too much to help your business. The links aren’t often worth much, and most directories don’t make an honest effort to attract regular visitors, who would then be targeted visitors being led to your company’s site.

A good bet when considering directory submissions as a form of Web promotion is to focus mostly on niche directories reaching the same audience your own site is trying to target. No matter what type of business you run, a niche directory like the business directory at can be a good bet.

The business directory offers features not only tailored to website and business owners (like most directories who sink the majority of their efforts into simply collecting more submissions), but also to help attract a business audience that would have an honest interest in your products, services, or information. Some of the added business directory features include:

  • Web Tools – A currency converter, site stats tool, net query, and payment calculator.
  • Business News – Recent business and financial news is displayed on the homepage.
  • Business Articles – Business articles are offered on topics such as design and development, marketing and SEO, monetization, business issues, and more. offers permanent regular listings at $14.97, and featured listings at $39.97.

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