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Consulting Case Interview Resources

Consultants are often put through a rigorous “case interview” when they apply for a job with a consulting firm. Here, you’ll find resources offering case interview preparation tips, sample case interview questions, and more!

Sample Case Interview Questions From Firms and Universities

McKinsey & Co. – Interactive case interview questions.Mercer Management Consulting – Interactive case interview questions. Boston Consulting Group – An interactive case interview question. Yale – Sample traditional-style and guesstimate-style case interview questions.

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Case Interview Tips and Guidelines. – Types of Cases – Talks about different types of case interview questions, including brain teasers, market sizing, project, and business world questions. – Acing the Interview – Covers some basic case interview preparation tips, as well as discussing the thought process involved in a case interview.

MIT Careers Office – Provides information on everything from resumes to proper attire to sample case interview questions to the consulting industry in general. – Provides slides from past workshops given on case interview preparation from Marc Cosentino, tips, and an interview guide.


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  2. edwardo

    I have some case interviews coming up with four leading consulting firms (including MBB) over the next two months. So far my friends have adviced me to study:

    – Victor Cheng’s website (ex-mckinsey), who gives a lot of free videos and frameworks to study (
    – Case in Point by mark consentino (amazon)
    – case interview Success by tom rochtus (
    – Solving the World’s Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin by lawrence weinstein (amazon)

    Any feedback on these sources? Any additional things you guys would have a look at?

    thanks in advance!

  3. Jennifer Mattern

    Unfortunately I’ve been out of the consulting world too long to feel confident giving you specific up-to-date resources. This article was originally from 2005 (transferred to this version of this site in early 2007), so it’s been around 6 years now. The best idea I can suggest at this point is to check the sites of the firms you’re interviewing with. Several have case study interview examples online so it might give you a better idea of their individual styles.

  4. Craig Green

    I have an another idea that help the candidate to prepare for his interview that is he/she should take the advice of interview coach. Hiring an interview coach for successfully cracking the interview. It might give you a better idea to grab the job.

  5. PC

    I also recommend which is an online community where you can meet and practice case interviews with case partners. Also you can meet experts (ex-consultants) there.

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