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Hi. I’m Jennifer Mattern, the editor here at How can I help you?

I’d like to contact you about advertising on BizAmmo.

While I appreciate your interest in advertising to reach BizAmmo’s readers, the site currently doesn’t offer private advertising options. This is expected to change in the first quarter of 2020 however. When it does, this page will be updated to reflect the new options available.

I’d like to submit a guest post to the BizAmmo small business blog.

I receive many guest post pitches here at BizAmmo and through my company’s other web properties. I’ll warn you up front that very few are accepted. Please do not contact me using the form on this page with a guest post submission unless you know me personally. Such requests won’t be filtered to the correct place, and they won’t be checked when I review pitches each week.

Instead, please review the BizAmmo contributor guidelines and follow the instructions on that page.

I’d like to contact you about something else.

If you have other questions or suggestions about, you can use the contact form below or email me directly at