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Contributor Guidelines

Please review the following contributor guidelines before contacting BizAmmo with a guest post submission.

Note that you won’t receive a response if your pitches don’t meet and follow these contributor guidelines. Please do not repeatedly contact the editor to follow up. While the editor aims to respond to all pitches meeting the contributor guidelines, occasionally too many pitches come in. If the editor puts a hold on new pitches temporarily, this page might be updated to reflect that. If you haven’t received a response within two weeks, feel free to pitch your guest post elsewhere.

Contributor Guidelines: Content

  • Please do not submit guest contributions that have been previously published elsewhere. You retain the copyright to your work, but you must provide exclusive online rights for any accepted articles on BizAmmo to avoid duplicate content published here. You’re free to use your content in other mediums such as books, e-books, and print magazines.
  • Guest posts should ideally be 800-2000 words. Occasionally shorter pieces might be accepted. Please do not pitch articles under 500 words.
  • Guest post topics can cover any topic you see in the category list in our sidebar except “News” and “Tools & Resources” as those are reserved for editorial use.
  • BizAmmo primarily targets small and online business owners, including solopreneurs. Guest post pitches should focus on benefiting readers in those groups.
  • Guest posts must be submitted by, and attributed to, an individual — not a company or handle.
  • The editor reserves the right to adjust the formatting to fit the site. This also includes link-vetting, and the editor reserves the right to edit, add, or remove any links within the body of the post to ensure BizAmmo is only linking out to resources the editor deems authoritative. Note that “authoritative” is not the same thing as “popular”, and it isn’t self-serving. If posts need extensive edits or proofreading, or if they link to numerous sources deemed inappropriate, they will be rejected.

Contributor Guidelines: Linking

  • No promotional links (meaning links to your site or any site or business you associate with in any way — including taking a payment from) should appear within the content.
  • Promotional links are limited to two (2), and they should appear only in the author bio.
  • Those promotional links in the bio must have the “nofollow” attribute attached.
  • The in-content links, in addition to the content, must also be relevant to our audience here.
  • No affiliate links may appear anywhere in a guest contribution or the bio.
  • No links to any properties that known to exploit freelance professionals may appear in content or bios (such as content mills or race-to-the-bottom bidding freelance “marketplaces”) without editorial approval. On the off chance of approval, such as relating to a news story, the nofollow attribute must exist.
  • BizAmmo also does not allow outbound links to any Facebook-owned properties. This includes within the author bio or profile tied to comments. This was an editorial decision based on professional ethics, and there will be no exceptions.

Author Bio Guidelines

  • Please include a short author bio with your post. Two to four (2-4) sentences is usually enough.
  • Up to two relevant links may appear in your bio. That includes your business site, relevant blog, social media profiles (other than Facebook-owned properties for which links are not permitted here), etc. These links may not be affiliate links, but they may promote your own product or service as long as it is relevant to BizAmmo readers (such as a business-related book).
  • Your guest post, if accepted, will be published under a unique account tied to your full name (not a company name or handle). Your email address for that account will not be shared publicly, but you should make sure it’s associated with a headshot using Gravatar. This enables the site to include your author headshot automatically with your guest post. Including a headshot is not required. But if you want it included, please make sure you have a Gravatar set up before submitting your guest post. Also note that if you have a Gravatar image tied to your email address that you do not want on your guest post, they’ll be pulled in automatically. So make sure any image tied to your address is one you’re comfortable including with your article. Inappropriate Gravatars (such as adult images) will cause a guest post to be rejected.

Submission Guidelines

  • Pitches received directly via email will not be reviewed. Please use the guest post submission form at the link at the bottom of this page to submit your post after reviewing these guidelines.
  • Include your full article in the body of your email, including your name, email address tied to your Gravatar headshot, and author bio.
  • Upon approval, most guest posts will appear live on the site within 2 weeks unless you hear otherwise. Upon rejection, or if you haven’t heard anything within 2 weeks, you can move forward by pitching your article elsewhere.
  • If you want your post to appear on a specific date, you may request it. The editor can usually work around such requests as long as no conflicts exist. But if you want to request a specific date, such as to accompany a launch of some kind, please do so as early as possible to avoid any conflicts in the calendar.
  • Please make sure your submission features few to no typos and grammatical errors. If it does, it will not receive a response. BizAmmo welcomes ESL writers and entrepreneurs to submit guest content, but the writing must pass as native English, as BizAmmo caters to a primarily US-based readership.

A Note on Third Party (SEO) Pitches

  • BizAmmo does not accept guest contributions as part of SEO campaigns. More specifically, posts from marketing and SEO firms or freelancers submitting articles on behalf of clients in an attempt to build links will be rejected. If that’s your reason for wanting to contribute here, your post isn’t welcome at BizAmmo. Content published here is for readers first. Someone directly tied to the represented company should be writing the content and submitting it. In that case, you may mention the company in the bio as long as it meets the linking requirements below. However, the bio itself must relate to the author. If the editor finds the author previously published guest posts to promote numerous companies (as in writing them for clients rather than to reach an audience for their own business) they will be rejected or removed after publication.

Due to the sheer volume of guest contribution requests received and the very limited number accepted, only submissions meeting these requirements can be considered.

Please allow for up to two weeks to respond. Do not send multiple emails. If you do not hear back within two weeks of your submission, you can take that to mean the post wasn’t accepted or that BizAmmo is not accepting new guest contributions at the moment. You should consider pitching your post or idea to another website or publication in those cases.

Thank you for your interest. You may now submit your guest post by clicking the link below.

Submit your guest post.