ANNOUNCEMENT: BizAmmo has been retired. All new content (and much of the BizAmmo archives) can now be found at Some archived content will remain on the original domain for the time being. But there will be no further updates to BizAmmo.

Please review the following contributor guidelines before contacting BizAmmo with a guest article submission. Please note that we don’t respond to these inquiries if they don’t meet all of our guidelines. And we accept very few of the submissions we receive. Please do not repeatedly contact us to follow up.

Content Guidelines

  • Please do not submit guest contributions that have been previously published elsewhere. You retain all rights to republish that content after it appears on the site. We ask for, but don’t require, 30 days’ exclusivity before you publish your guest posts elsewhere after being published at BizAmmo. This is to make sure search engines archive your content on our site first when it appears here first.
  • Please try to keep contributions to a minimum of 500 words. There is currently no maximum length for guest posts,
  • Guest post topics can cover online marketing, online PR, social media, blogging, e-commerce, or anything else related to online business. As of April 2016, BizAmmo no longer covers broader small business issues dealing with brick-and-mortar businesses, and we don’t publish new content to any category currently included under the “Archives” heading in the site navigation bar above. So please don’t submit guest posts for those topic areas.
  • We still generally deal with smaller online businesses and independent contractors, so your guest post has a better chance of being approved if you target those audiences within the topics mentioned previously.
  • We do not accept guest contributions from companies. These posts must be submitted by, and attributed to, an individual. More specifically, we do not accept posts from marketing and SEO firms submitting articles on behalf of clients in an attempt to build links. So don’t send us some spammy pitch about how your submission is great for SEO. If that’s your reason for wanting to contribute here, your post isn’t welcome at BizAmmo. Content published here is for readers first. Someone directly tied to the represented company should be writing the content and submitting it. In that case, the company can be mentioned in the bio as long as it meets the linking requirements below. However, the bio itself must relate to the author.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the formatting to fit our site (such as using H2 tags for headings and formatting lists if necessary). Beyond that we generally publish them as-submitted, so please proofread your posts. If they need extensive edits we will either edit the post and send it back for approval, or deny the post outright. We rarely have the time to comprehensively edit guest submissions.
  • Along those lines, make sure your email isn’t full of grammatical errors. If you have typos in every other sentence, you won’t get a response. If you send us some generic form email, you won’t get a response. If it’s clear that English isn’t your first language, it will be clear to our readers too, and again you won’t get a response. ESL authors are welcome to make submissions as long as their writing is strong enough to be published on a blog for English-speaking readers.

Linking Guidelines

  • No promotional links (meaning links to your site or any site you’re associated with in any way) may be included in the article itself.
  • Promotional links should be limited to two (2), and they should appear only in the author bio.
  • The links, in addition to the content, must also be relevant to our audience here.
  • You may also include up to two links to the author’s social media profiles in addition to the bio links.
  • No affiliate links may be included anywhere in a guest contribution or the bio.

Bio Guidelines

  • Please include a short author bio with your post. Two to four (2-4) sentences is usually enough.
  • Up to two relevant links may be included in your bio. That includes your business site, relevant blog, etc. These links may not be affiliate links. You may include two additional links to social media profiles.
  • You may submit a photo to be included with your bio, but it is not required. Company logos will not be published in place of an author photo.

Submission Guidelines

  • I only accept pitches from people I don’t know if the full post text is included in the pitch. Do not simply send me an idea or a list of ideas. I receive countless submissions of that kind which don’t adhere to these guidelines, and I almost never respond to them. You may include your guest post submission in the body of your email, or you can send an attachment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf formats. I reserve the right not to publish any article that is submitted as a guest contribution, and of course you are free to use that material elsewhere. Along those lines,  I don’t provide ideas, so please don’t email me to say “I’ll write about whatever you want.” Those emails won’t get a response either.
  • Guest contributions or questions should be sent via email to
  • If you want your post to appear on a specific day, you may request it. However, understand that it can take several weeks for guest posts to be approved depending on existing content schedule and how many requests have come in. So if you want to request a specific date, such as to accompany a launch of some kind, please do so as early as possible.

Due to the sheer volume of guest contribution requests we receive and the very limited number that we accept, we can only consider submissions that meet all of these requirements. Please give us up to a week to respond. Do not send multiple emails. If you do not hear from us within a week of your submission, you can follow up once. If you followed all of the guidelines above and still don’t hear back after another week has passed, you can take that to mean we either are not interested or we are not currently accepting guest contributions. You should consider pitching your post or idea to another website or publication in those cases. I try to respond to all requests that meet these guidelines, but occasionally some pitches do fall through the cracks.


Thank you for your interest.

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