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Does Your Small Business Need a Custom E-commerce Software Solution?

There are several options for e-commerce software.  First, you can just use an out-of-the-box solution.  Second, maybe you just need some tweaks, so you could have an out-of-the-box solution customized.  Lastly you could have a whole custom system written for you. So how can you tell which option is right for you?

Who Doesn’t Need a Custom E-commerce Software Solution?

Your small business probably doesn’t need a completely custom e-commerce software solution if the following things apply:

  • You sell any common retail products, such as clothing.  Most out of the box systems will accommodate such product lines.
  • You’re just starting out.
  • You accept only standard payment methods, such as the major credit cards or Paypal.

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Signs Your Business Might Benefit From a Custom E-commerce Solution

Your small business may need customizations or a whole custom-built solution if any of the following apply:

  • You offer a product or service that has information you need to maintain that is not standard.
  • You do more than a million dollars in sales a year.
  • You have multiple warehouse locations.
  • You accept a form of payment that is not well known or is new to the market.
  • You chose solutions for the various parts of your business that don’t integrate (such as a payment processor that doesn’t have an integration with your shopping cart).
  • You have an inventory of more than a million different products.

In closing, most people will start out with something out-of-the-box and have it work just fine for awhile.  As their business grows however, customizations will become a necessity in many cases in order to not have to move out of the system they’ve invested so much time and money in.  Completely custom built solutions are utilized if there is truly nothing on the market that can support the chosen business or business model. What e-commerce software solution do you use? Did you need to have it customized in any way? Tell us in the comments. This article was originally published on February 20, 2013.

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