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Ethics and the Survival of Consultants in the 21st Century

We’ve all heard the horror stories of business ethics.  You know… the ones that leave visions of Enron execs dancing around in our heads.  But business ethics aren’t just for the major corporations.  Consultants need to pay particular attention to their ethical behavior when working with clients, from both a legal and moral standpoint, because a consultant’s survival in the professional world is often tied to their image and reputation.

The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) Southern California Chapter will be discussing this very issue at the organization’s monthly dinner meeting on September 19th, in Hawthorne, CA,  during a two-part presentation by leading ethics ground rules authorities.

Linnea McCord, an attorney, professor, and lecturer, will make the first presentation titled “Essential Ethics  for Survival and Success in the 21st Century,” and Gene Siciliano, a certified management consultant and certified public accountant, will hold the second presentation titled “Ethics for Consultants, a Slam Dunk or a Moral Dilemma?”

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