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Good Manners: The Basis Of Customer Satisfaction

One of the first things you’ll come to understand as your small business gets off the ground is that customer satisfaction is going to be key to your success.

Not only will happy customers be more willing to return to purchase further products in the future, but they’ll be more likely to tell others about you – and any marketing specialist will explain that word of mouth marketing is one of the best types there is.

For many, ensuring your customer base is happy won’t be an issue.  You’ll be providing the products they want and you’ll be doing as much as you can to deliver them in a way that only satisfies constantly.  A lot of it simply comes down to sticking by the basic adage of ‘treat others how you want to be treated yourself’.

However, problems can start to arise if you fail to follow this – and unfortunately, the truth is not everyone does.

When we’re growing up, we’re always taught to respect others.  No matter if we agree with what they’re saying or not, it’s important we listen to them and take their thoughts on board.  Whether they’re the same as our own is somewhat irrelevant – it’s all about listening to the person and being respectful of their thoughts.

In business, this is generally just what you need to do.  It might seem simple, but offering good manners really is the basis of high customer satisfaction levels.

Customers want to be respected, but they also want to be engaged with in the way that they expect.  This will obviously change from person to person, but the one thing you can almost guarantee everyone will want is for you to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at all times.  These words don’t cost you anything, but they can make a world of difference to your customer, as they indicate respect.

They show that you care about them as more than a customer and for example, you’re genuinely thankful that they’ve passed you their money for a product or that they’ve accepted the receipt and bagged item.

It’s the same with things such as asking if the customer needs any help, but not pestering them.  Good manners are all about being helpful and friendly, not ‘in your face’ and stubborn, refusing to accept ‘no thank you’ as an answer.  Listen to what the customer says and respond appropriately and you’ll satisfy them; ask a question and ignore the answer and you’ll do nothing but frustrate them.

All any customer ever wants is to feel as though they’re being respected.  Make sure this happens and you’ll be rewarded with high customer satisfaction levels – and by simply using good manners at all times, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring you really do always have a satisfied audience.

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