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Green Business Tip: Get Involved

Is your business already a green business? Do you want to go green, but there are certain aspects of your business that you simply can’t change? No worries. Most green businesses aren’t 100% green, and even if you can’t make all of the changes you’d like (whether options aren’t available where you are, or if you can’t afford to make some changes for example), you can still get involved in the green scene. How? By getting involved!

Going green doesn’t just mean using sustainable resources, recycling, and cutting various forms of waste. Your business can be more environmentally friendly by getting involved with events and organizations working to improve environmental issues. Here are some examples of things you could do:

  • Donate a portion of profits to an eco-friendly organization.
  • Get involved in a community sponsorship (such as having your company participate in an adopt-a-highway program or something similar).
  • Make a one-time donation to an organization.
  • Find ways to encourage employees to be more green (like incentives to carpool).
  • Make a company commitment to making a difference – maybe your company can vow to plant a certain number of trees each year, or to do fund raising throughout the year with a specific goal set ahead of time).

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