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Green Business Tip: Mood Lighting

OK, so not exactly “mood lighting,” but today I witnessed one of my local grocery stores’ efforts to go green – they were turning out lights all over the store (not all of them, but every few lights was kept off).

Would you do the same thing? A lot of green business efforts are done with green marketing in mind – done to convince customers to spend even more money because you’re being environmentally conscious. In this case, I wonder if it has an adverse effect. I tend to find bright grocery stores more appealing – frankly they seem “cleaner.” I’m not saying they shouldn’t conserve energy, but I wonder if there are better ways to do it. (In this particular case, I doubt the company was doing much good – or at least it seemed hypocritical to try to cut energy while they then wasted paper and energy for printing up all of the full-color glossy fliers – which were put up everywhere a light was out.)

Do you think this could work for other types of small businesses? I can see it being a problem in offices where you need light to see what you’re reading, writing, etc. and simply to be more productive. But I’m sure there are office areas used less frequently that could do without as much lighting.

What about retail locations? Do you think it could work well for them, or would being green in that sense perhaps make for a less appealing shopping experience for customers? Can you think of specific types of businesses where turning down the lights (or turning them off) could be a good move without damaging other areas of the business? Would you do it in your own business?

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