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Green Business Tip: Update Your Lighting

Whether you’re working in a home office all alone or in an external office with employees, you may be able to go at least a little bit greener by updating some of your lighting.

If you’re using standalone lamps (as opposed to fluorescent ceiling lighting or something similar), you may be able to swap your bulbs for fluorescents that are not only better for the environment, but also better on your wallet (while they may cost more up front, they can last much longer than incandescent bulbs, saving you money in the long run).

Or, if you want to swap out your entire lamp, you may want to purchase a natural spectrum lamp for your desk. These also use energy-saving bulbs. I tried a few models and didn’t think they gave enough light personally, but I live on the north side of my apartment building, where it’s also shaded quite a bit, so I get almost no natural light to begin with.

My work lamp is my one “bad” lamp energy-wise, but was the only one I found giving me the light options I needed (a halogen with a dimmer, so I can keep it bright when I need to focus, or dim for late night writing). If I ever find a UV spectrum lamp that compares to it for my lighting needs, I’d love to switch though, so if you use one, feel free to leave your recommendations.

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