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How To Beat That Sunday Night Feeling As A Small Business Owner

It’s a feeling that everyone around the world is likely to have felt at one point in their lives – heading up to bed on a Sunday night while feeling slightly anxious and worrying a little about going back to work on Monday morning.

And although it can seem like small business owners wouldn’t get this feeling, as they’re working in a role they should, in theory, love, the truth is that it can often be magnified considerably, as they may feel they have substantially more to worry about.

While some may not be able to get rid of the feeling completely, you can considerably reduce how much it impacts you by following these three steps.

1.  Get organized

One of the primary causes for worry and anxiety is uncertainty.  Therefore, if you’re concerned about starting the new week, it could very well be because you’re not certain how or where to start tackling your work.

On a Friday afternoon, spend some time reviewing what you’ve done throughout the week, what needs to be done in the coming week and what’s the most important aspect.  From then on, you should be able to develop a schedule to help give your week more of a structure, something that should allow you to truly relax on your time off.

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2.  Don’t be afraid to work on a weekend

We all need time off away from work, no matter how much we love our roles and business owners are very often told they need time to recuperate every week so they can give their all to their small business, meaning many choose to take weekends off.

But if you’re finding that you’re stressed on a Sunday as you’ve got work on your mind and it’s affecting your weekend, why not spend a few hours getting ahead?

Chances are if you do you’ll sleep better and therefore be in a better place – both physically and mentally – to manage your small business in the coming week.

3.  Have Monday off

There are some who’ll think that if they have Monday off, it will mean they’ll simply get the ‘Sunday Night Feeling’ on Monday night instead.  By removing yourself from the first day of the working week (and either working later /earlier other days or one day on a weekend), however, you’ll find that by the time Tuesday comes, you’re raring to get back to work and tackle things head on.

Of course, having Monday off isn’t a possibility for some, but the truth is that for many, they don’t have to actually go into the office or store and could easily work from home.

And by knowing you don’t have to get up early to head to the office or store and can work from the comfort of your own home, you might just be surprised at how enjoyable Mondays become.

Being worried or anxious about starting a new working week is something that is normal.  Although these feelings can cause you distress and stop you from enjoying your time off properly, they are manageable and the information here should allow you to reduce the impact the ‘Sunday Night Feeling’ has on you as a small business owner.

This post was originally featured on March 6, 2012.

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