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How To Beat The Lonely Feeling As A Small Business Owner

Setting up and managing your own small business is without doubt a fantastic experience and one that will be extremely rewarding personally, irrelevant of how successful your business is.

One of the main issues that most small business owners encounter – and one that isn’t very often talked about as extensively as other aspects – is that it can be an particularly lonely career option.

This feeling – although inevitable in most cases – can be combated and reduced tremendously, with the following three points all great ways to beat that lonely feeling as a small business owner.

1.  Make time for friends and family

Arguably the most important point to keep in mind, when you’re the only person involved with your small business, you are responsible for everything and it is far too easy to focus on your business at all times of day, putting family time to one side.

Although you’ll have to make sacrifices in some respects, it’s important that you don’t completely stop your time with friends and family, as simply put, these are the people who are always going to be there for you to chat to and to help bring you out of your business life and back into your personal life when you need it most.

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2.  Attend networking groups

Whether you’re aware of them or not, there’ll be numerous networking groups in your local area where like-minded individuals go to chat, socialise, share experiences and ask for advice.

Often free or requiring a minimal fee to attend, they might take up an hour or two out of your week that you don’t think you could lose, but that time will do wonders for both your business and you as an individual.

3.  Meet in person

Although there’s no doubt that the internet is one of the best inventions the world has ever seen, making it considerably easier for businesses to not only start up, but stay in operation, it has drastically reduced the amount of face-to-face communication that needs to take place.

For some, this is fantastic, as it means that everything can be done via e-mail and there’s no need to attend meetings, something that can be daunting if you’re not an outgoing person.

However, the removal of this type of communication has made being in business lonelier than it need be and therefore where possible, it’s strongly advised that you meet up with your clients or suppliers in person – or at least talk to them over the phone.

Owning and running a small business can be a lonely experience, but it really doesn’t have to be and by abiding by these three points, you can ensure you do the most to make your time as a small business owner the least lonely time possible.


  1. Wendy J Caley

    Good advise here! I completely agree that running your own business can be very isolating, you really do have to discipline yourself to get out and about! I have clients from various business sectors locallay and across UK, I visit them when I can to review how we work virtually and change anything that’s not working for them, if they are happy I am happy!

  2. Dan Smith

    Working alone can be difficult, but doing exactly what you’re doing, Wendy, is a great way to make it easier – and if you do such things regularly, you’ll find various skills, such as face-to-face communication, improve.

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