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How To Bring A More Modern Approach To Your Small Business

The way in which businesses of all sizes operate is fast changing and there are more and more businesses providing a more modern way of working.

While it’s understandable that some businesses have to work in certain ways, the following three points provide some great ways for you to bring a more modern way of working to your small business.

1.  Give your staff unlimited leave

Upon first reading this, you may think that giving your staff unlimited leave is completely unrealistic and would never work.

However, there are some organizations who have found that by relaxing their leave rules and essentially allowing their staff to take as much leave as they require, they have found that they have a more productive workforce.

While it’s understandable you may think some staff would abuse the system, the truth is that most people, at worst, don’t mind working, with many really enjoying going to work.

Therefore, if you can provide an attractive position – i.e., the ability to take as much leave as they require – then sure, some people will probably take a little more than they normally would, but you’d be surprised at just how many people actually take less leave.

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2.  Allow for home working

Although home working isn’t a possibility for some small businesses, there are many more who can easily allow for their staff to work from home.

While not everyone will actually enjoy working from home – there can often be too many distractions – giving your staff the option to is always welcomed.

3.  Provide a relaxed working environment

The time when people started at 9am, had a mid-morning break, lunch at 12pm, a mid-afternoon break and finishing at 5pm is fast disappearing, as organizations look towards a more relaxed working environment.

Happy staff are more productive staff and therefore if you are relaxed with certain parts of your small business, such as allowing for late starts and long lunches or even providing distractions from work (Google are renowned for providing their staff with everything from computer consoles to gyms in their offices), your staff will be happier and will therefore be a better asset to your small business.

Being a modern working small business isn’t a necessity, but it’s almost guaranteed that by providing a modern approach to working, you’ll see an increase in staff happiness, something that will result in a more productive workforce.

This post was originally featured on January 10, 2012. 

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