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How To Develop A Billion Dollar Idea That Isn’t A Social Network

Since 1 October 2010, the world has been gripped by the release of The Social Network, a Hollywood blockbuster about Mark Zuckerberg and his four Harvard college friends who went on to develop the world’s largest social networking website, Facebook.

Launched in February 2004, Facebook was an idea originally aimed solely for Zuckerberg and his college friends to use.  It soon expanded so it could be utilized by other colleges in the area; just over a year later it was available to high school students across America and due to it’s continually increasing popularity, on 26 September 2006, membership was opened up to the entire world, as long as you were over the age of 13 and had a valid e-mail address.

Developing into a multi billion dollar company and becoming one of the most visited websites in the world, The Social Network film takes the viewer through the entire story, one that is filled with scandals, legal issues, investments, takeovers and to all intents and purposes, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Now strip the whole film – and the Facebook idea – back to it’s bare basics.

  • No scandals.
  • No legal issues.
  • No investments.
  • No takeovers.
  • And most prominently, no sex, drugs and rock and roll.

That’s not including the lack of technological minds of four Harvard students or their naivety – but eagerness to succeed – due to their age, either.

Just a billion dollar idea.

Is it still possible to develop the idea into a lucrative business?

You can bet everything you own that it is – and Romeo Mendoza is the perfect example of how it can be done.

Happily married for nine years, 41 years old and a father to three children, Mendoza was living a life that many would be content enough with.

However, wanting something more for his family, Mendoza, who like many, was a keen user of the internet and a smartphone, found an obvious problem between the two, which with some thought, research and help from a programmer, set out to find a solution.

“A lot of websites exist because of the advertising that supports them. But on a smart phone, where the screen is small, the ads are irrelevant.  It hit me that if I could figure out a better way to display the ads it would revolutionize the industry” explains Mendoza.

“Before, only the world’s 30,000+ mobile enabled websites, minature versions of websites scaled for viewing on a smart phone, could properly display mobile ads. But what about the other 300 million websites that could be viewed on a smart phone but were not mobile enabled?  How could they display mobile ads? That’s the problem we set out to solve”.

Using the thousands of dollars he’d saved up to purchase a minivan, Mendoza worked tirelessly alongside his programmer and in less than a year, the final product was ready.

Although he was about to start competing against the likes of Apple and Google, Mendoza was remarkably eager to get off the mark, exuding excitement as he explained “After a lot of sleepness nights and nonstop programming, we finished. The technology we created expands the reach of mobile advertising 1000 fold. We knew we had lighting in a bottle so we were anxious to roll it out”,

Launching in September 2010, Adzookie may only be a new company and not yet at the stage where it is direct competition for Google and Apple, but within just four weeks the company has already quadrupled the staff list and has high hopes for the coming months.

“There is still a lot of work to be done. We’re hiring 25 more employees now and are looking to grow further in 2011”.

Romeo Mendoza will be the first to tell you that he isn’t the stereotypical technology buff who you’d think would be behind a company such as Adzookie.  Just like any other person with an idea, he simply possessed the qualities that are required by all small business entrepreneurs to ensure that their idea develops and their business succeeds – drive, determination and common sense.

In his optimistic and encouraging manner, Mendoza states that “It doesn’t take an extraordinary person to do extraordinary things.  The ‘impossible’ is accomplished by ordinary people who believe in themselves”.


You can find out more information about Romeo Mendoza and Adzookie at

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