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How To Effectively Manage Customer Complaints

Every single organization, irrelevant of its size, receives customer complaints.  Some organizations receive more than others and each organization reacts differently to the customer complaints they receive, but the one thing they should all have in common is the ability to effectively manage each complaint made from their customers.

Unfortunately, not every organization does just that and the information here explains what it is you need to do to ensure that you are effectively managing customer complaints.

1.  Record

No matter where the customer complaint comes from, you need to be certain that you’re recording it in the proper way.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s over the counter at the point of sale, by telephone a few days later or via a social media website several weeks later, you need to be certain that you can record all customer complaints wherever they come from.

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2.  React

Once you’ve recorded a complaint, you need to move forward and react to it.  Each customer complaint will obviously bring with it a different reaction requirement, but the point that links every complaint together from the organization’s view is that it should be reacted to in a timely fashion.

A full and in-depth response or solution doesn’t need to be provided immediately, but a customer should at least be aware that their complaint is being dealt with and know who to contact if they would like further information.

3.  Report

The reporting on all customer complaints is imperative to the on-going efficiency of the business as a whole, as while reacting to complaints is obviously important, by reporting on them, you are able to gather business intelligence that is invaluable to your development as an organization.

What you take from the reporting will depend upon your individual requirements, but assuming the data has been recorded correctly both initially and on an on-going basis throughout the life of the complaint, you should be able to view information on everything from the number of complaints made through to how many resources were required to bring the complaint to a close.

No matter how perfect you believe your small business is, it’s almost guaranteed that some of your customers will have a form of complaint and while it might be easy to turn a blind eye to it and ignore it, you’ll see substantially more benefits if you take the time to record, react and report upon all customer complaints.

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