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How To Ensure That You’re Acting Properly On Your Small Business Website’s Visitor Data

For anyone who has a website that is being used for business purposes, it’s absolutely imperative that there is some way of tracking the people who visit the website, in a way that covers more than simply the number of visitors.

The reason behind this is that with an offline store, you can gauge how well something is working by instant customer feedback.  With an online store, you have to rely on the data that you can get hold of, which is why it’s strongly recommended data tracking software is installed on the website from day one.

As good as having the data installed on your website may be, however, it’s useless if you’re not acting on it and the following information provides some basic ways to utilize and act on the data that you should have available.

1.  Bounce rate

Arguably the piece of information that you need to be taking the most notice of, your visitor bounce rate details the number of visitors who have visited your website and left almost immediately.

While it’s understandable that you’re not going to have a 0% bounce rate, as some people will have simply clicked through to the wrong website, if your bounce rate is high, you need to be taking a look as to why people aren’t staying on your website.

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2.  Visitor location

One of the most common pieces of data to track, the global location of your visitors is more useful than most think, as if it appears that a lot of your visitors are from a part of the world that you don’t directly target, it could be worthwhile looking into making your website more accessible to that part of the world – such as  in terms of language – to help increase conversions.

3.  End of visit page

For each visitor to your website, you should be able to track which pages they have been on, where they came from and from which page they left.

By researching the pages that most people left your website on, you should be able to discover if there are any amendments that could be made to, for instance, increase your conversion rate if people are leaving your website at the payment page because – after researching the issue – it appears to be too confusing to complete.

Data analysis is extremely important to any organization and although it might seem difficult to get your head around at first, the truth is that with a little time and patience, you should be able to interrogate the data that you collect from your website and more importantly, act on it appropriately.

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