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How To Get Creative With Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Last week, we talked about creativity within business and how to know when it’s time to move out of your comfort zone as a small business owner.

While understanding how to know when it’s time to be creative is imperative to all small business owners, it’s just as important to know how to actually be creative.

And although the main purpose of being creative isn’t to stick to any set guidelines or structure, the following three points should all help you be more creative with your small business marketing efforts.

1.  Old creativity isn’t guaranteed to work

One of the main areas where a lot of small business owners go wrong when it comes to thinking of creative ways to market their business, products or services is to take a look at how larger companies have marketed in a creative way and copy their techniques.

While this may work to a certain degree, the reason why it won’t always be successful is that being creative is all about thinking of fresh, new and innovative ways to showcase products or services to your market and using old techniques simply doesn’t do this.

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2.  Always keep your customers in mind

The one thing you’ve always got to remember about being creative is that no matter how much of a great idea you might think you have, if you think it’s going to alienate your customers, it needs to either be scrapped or reworked so it’s of interest to them.

3.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There are businesses out there who are hired by organizations of all sizes to launch a new product or service in a creative way and although many small businesses owners like to keep things in-house (often both for the financial cost and the fact that they can retain full control of every aspect of their business), the simple fact is that hiring a creative agency for, for instance, a new product launch, could work out to be a much more sensible option.

And as long as you don’t rush into working with just any creative agency, you should be able to work with a company – or even a freelancer – who can produce a creative marketing strategy to fit within your budget.

Being creative is not something that comes naturally to most.  Everyone can be creative, however and it’s just  a matter of sitting down, looking at your small business, your market and working through ideas – occasionally with a third party – to ensure that you develop the best creative marketing for your small business.

This article was originally featured on September 6, 2011. 

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