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How to Get Started in Freelancing

A lot of people dream of quitting their day job to pursue a freelance career. The thought of being their own boss can be irresistible, but more often than not, the fear of leaving their job security behind is enough to stop them from ever taking action. Don’t let that be you! Follow these steps to help you get on your way to a successful future as a freelance professional.

1. Decide what kind of freelance work you want to, and are qualified to, do.

For a list of potential freelance jobs, read “150 Types of Freelance Work.”

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2. Build Your Resume and Portfolio

Even though you’re not looking for formal employment, you should always still keep an up-to-date resume available for potential clients or customers. You also need to assemble a top-notch portfolio to demonstrate your abilities in your field.

3. Focus on Research and Planning

Even though you’re working on your own, and depending on your field you may never come face to face with most of your customers, you still need to respect your work and treat it like the business that it is. That means doing market research to make sure there’s a need for your services and writing a business plan to help you stay focused on your goals and progress.

4. Secure Your First Client

Getting your first paying client can be a scary endeavor, but every freelancer has to eventually do it. For specific tactics to finding that first client, read “Getting Your First Client.”

5. Keep Selling Yourself

Getting that first client is exciting, but your work is in no way done. To be a successful freelancer you have to constantly be selling yourself and your services if you want to attract new customers.

What You’ll Need:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Business Plan

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