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How To Hire Someone When They Don’t Have The Formal Qualifications You Require

As a small business owner, growing your business is extremely exciting and interesting, as generally speaking, the development of any business results in more sales, in turn resulting in a greater turnover.

However, with business development comes the important factor of needing to employ people, something that while also exciting, can be extremely difficult to get right.

As with all job vacancies, although you’re likely to get people applying who fit the bill perfectly, you’ll also get some people who although don’t have the formal qualifications you’ve requested, seem perfect for the role in every other respect.

Before you discount them entirely or take them on straight away, it’s strongly recommended that you go through the following three points to ensure that they are as suitable as possible for the role you have available.

1. Liaise with an industry expert

If you’re employing someone for a role that you aren’t experienced in yourself (for example, you’re looking to hire a Marketing Manager), it’s strongly advised that you liaise with some industry experts and ask what you should be looking out for.

Several years ago, this may have been somewhat problematic, but there are numerous online forums and websites that will allow you to ask for assistance on this topic and receive responses from knowledgeable, industry-relevant people.

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2. Ask them to do a presentation

It’s always a good idea to ask any interviewees to do a short presentation on a topic of your choice. The reason behind this is presenting on any topic for five minutes, for example, can be a difficult task and only those who have a true knowledge of the subject would be able to discuss the topic in-depth for any length of time.

3. Chat with them

Although formal interview questions will allow you to receive specific information from the interviewee, chatting with them and allowing them to go into detail will not only mean they talk more on a certain aspect of their work, but that they feel more relaxed and are more likely to open up on certain areas of their past experiences.

Growing a business is always an exciting time, but when you’re employing people for the first time, it’s imperative that you get the right person for the job, whether or not they have the actual qualifications you asked for or not.

Of course, there are some instances when qualifications are a necessity, but it’s always worthwhile keeping in mind that there could be people out there without the relevant qualifications who could be perfect for the role.

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