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How To Increase Your Small Business’s Online Customer Conversion Rate

Possibly the most important piece of online data you need to be paying attention to, your small business’s customer conversion rate is the number of visitors to your website who convert into paying customers.

Although the figure will vary based on a whole range of different aspects, from the type of industry in which you operate to what you use your website for (for example, if you have an integrated blog that provides regular information on a variety of topics, your website is likely to receive a lot of traffic that isn’t targeted and therefore is unlikely to convert), there are various processes you can implement to increase your small business’s online customer conversion rate and the following three are all perfect examples.

1.  Have in-depth, enticing copy

Whether you spend time writing this yourself or you get a copywriter to do it for you, you need to be certain that your website copy is as enticing as it can be while also offering comprehensive information on all of your products.

As much as a great image will do wonders to help increase customer conversions, if your customers can’t find the information they’re looking for, chances are they’ll go to a competitor and look for the information there rather than contact you directly, so it’s imperative you provide as much information as you can.

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2.  Make the buying process easy

Although it can bring with it an additional cost, offering payment by credit card rather than simply through an online payment provider such as PayPal is almost seen as a necessity.

Yes, people will buy your products even if they can’t pay with their credit card in the most popular of ways, but the simple fact is by cutting out the need for a customer to sign up to a third party company or go through a process that isn’t familiar to them, you make the buying process as simple as it can be – something every customer wants.

3.  Be competitive

This may sound like an obvious point, but the internet allows for the quick and easy comparison of products between a range of different businesses and so if the product you’re offering isn’t competitively priced, your potential customers will take their money elsewhere.

You don’t have to be the cheapest, but you definitely need to ensure you’re offering not only a product at a competitive price, but the best customer service to ensure the customer decides to spend their money with you, rather than with the company offering the cheapest price.

Every business relies on its customers and although there are various things to consider when you are communicating with your customers to ensure they return time and time again, you have to ensure they develop from a website visitor to a paying customer first and foremost.

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