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How To Increase Your Small Business’s Sales By Mimicking Turkish Restaurant Staff

Turkey is a fantastic country.  It’s huge and caters for everyone’s needs, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated city break or a relaxing beach vacation – what you want, Turkey caters for it.

In many respects, particularly if you’re heading off to a beach resort, you may overlook what can, in essence, be the sheer brilliance of the staff you’ll find in restaurants and here we explain how, by simply looking at what they do and repeating it, you’ll be able to increase sales within your small business.

1.  Don’t be afraid to approach customers

On a beach vacation, you’ll often find that when walking past restaurants, a member of staff will ask you to come and take a look at the menu and if you do, they’ll immediately engage in a conversation with you.

These members of staff are being pro-active.  They’re going out there to try and get customers in.  It can be slightly frustrating at times, but for the one person they may annoy, they’re likely to get a handful of other customers in.

Small businesses often worry too much about annoying customers – chances are, you’re going to be unable to please everyone.  Get out there, speak to your customers and find out what they want or what you can help with.  You don’t want to be too ‘in their face’, but you want to be close enough that you can provide help and information at any point, should they need it.

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2.  Always make the customer experience personal

When you walk into a Turkish restaurant, the staff will ask for your name and they’ll find out a little bit about you.  Yes, this is to make the customer experience instantly more personal, but it’s also for future reference.

Next time you walk past, expect for your name to be shouted out or something that’s of relevance to what you told them, such as your local sports team.  The reason why the staff do this is to get your attention – you instantly think to yourself ‘Were they talking to me?’ or ‘Can they really remember my name?’.

It’s at this point where you start thinking about the restaurant again and remember the positive experience you had, making you want to return again.

Similarly, as you’ve stopped to think, the restaurant staff have already made that difficult first move to initial interaction and can begin communicating with you quickly, aiming to get you back into their restaurant.

With your small business, it may not be appropriate to ask for a customer’s name or other personal information, so take note of other things they’ve said – where they’re going on vacation, perhaps or if they’re attending a certain event.  You don’t need to find out a lot of information, but you need to try and find something that you can use to make the experience personal.

Talk about it, remember it and where you can, recall it next time you interact with the customer.

3.  Customers love freebies

Head to a restaurant in Turkey and you’ll almost always get free bread and garlic butter.  It’s a small gesture and one that is unlikely to cost the restaurant very much at all, but it makes the customer experience more enjoyable.

What’s more, return to the same restaurant time and time again and you’ll soon find you receive free desserts and the occasional free drink, too.  The Turkish understand the importance of pleasing the customer and the link between happy customers and returning customers and they’ll work to what consumers love – which in this instance, is freebies.

We all love a bargain, so take a look at your business model and see if there is anyway you can incorporate some free items into your sales – perhaps some items that everyone can receive and those that only certain customers, such as those who spend x amount of money, can receive.

Remember, the items don’t need to be expensive, as it’s the gesture that counts, but they do need to be relevant and of some benefit to the customer.

Going to Turkey is a fantastic experience and there’s a lot small business owners can learn.  By looking towards the restaurants and mimicking what they do when you’re back home, however, you should be able to positively impact upon your small business’s sales figures.

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