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How To Keep Your Small Business Running Profitably During Bad Winter Weather

Many industries see a decrease in sales during the winter months when the weather is poor and so most organizations plan for this decrease in turnover.

However, just because this is planned, it’s not to say that it has to be accepted and the following points provide information on how you can keep your small business running profitably during bad winter weather.

1.  Make your business welcoming

Something that applies particularly well to retail businesses, if you make your store as attractive as possible when it’s cold, wet and windy outside, chances are you will see a lot more customer footfall than if you weren’t to make any changes at all.

People will naturally want to go indoors and get warm if it’s raining and cold outside, so make your store stand out from those nearby and you’ll be doing your utmost to attract as many passing customers as possible.

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2.  Use common sense

Although bad weather can very often have a negative impact on any business, it’s important that you use your knowledge of your industry to capitalize as much as possible on the weather.

For example, if you’re a clothes retailer and there’s a lot of rain forecast for the coming weeks, make sure that your raincoats, umbrellas and boots are easily available for passers by, while also trying to upsell as many suitable products – such as umbrellas – just before your customers go to make a purchase.

3.  Remember your staff

Your customers are obviously the people who ensure that your small business can be a profitable, working organization and so it’s imperative that they are happy and content regardless of the weather.

However, it’s important that you don’t forget the people whose job it is to serve your customers – your loyal and trusted staff.

By keeping note of the weather and their individual circumstances, such as their journey home, for example, you may look to allowing certain members of your staff to leave early.

Not only will your staff appreciate this generally, but it will do wonders for staff morale, their loyalty to the business and more often than not it will have a positive impact upon their input to the organization and general outlook to work.

Bad winter weather can have a detrimental effect on many businesses, but it doesn’t have to and the information here should help any small business keep running profitably during bad winter weather.

This post was originally featured on December 1, 2011.

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