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How To Make The Most Of The Influx Of Olympic Visitors

Held all around the world every four years, 2012 sees the Olympic Games travel to London.  Expected to bring 10 million visitors to the city over the summer months, it can initially seem for businesses that they’re going to have a fantastic few weeks.

And generally speaking, they will do – but they have to be certain they do their most to ensure they can make the most of what could be thousands of extra customers, something that the following points should help with.

Plan, plan, plan, plan, plan

When a big change of any sort is expected within business, it’s absolutely crucial that advance planning is carried out, covering all eventualities and necessary aspects.

With the Olympic Games, there are various points to consider, but one of the main aspects is you need to be certain you can cope with the influx of visitors.

Do you need to employ more staff?  Do you need to retrain staff?  Do you need to open earlier and later?  Do you need to improve your website?  More bandwidth to cope with more visitors, perhaps?

Sit down with your colleagues and work out what could happen because of the Olympics – and make sure you have some plan in place to deal with every ‘what could’ that you come across.

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Look at a promotion

10 million people are visiting London – what’s going to make your business stand out from the others?

It could be a sale.  A discount.  A ‘Buy One, Get One Free’-style offer.  It could be something Olympic themed or something that’s tailored to your extended target audience’s home countries.

Of course, if your products or services are in demand, you’re naturally going to see a rise in business, but an effective promotional campaign could ensure you get the most business you possibly can.

A promotion must always be thought through properly and be financially viable, but it may surprise you just how beneficial offering Olympic themed discount vouchers can be, for instance – not only will it showcase to people that you’re getting into the spirit of the Games, but it provides people with the belief that you’re actually making an effort during the period and not treating it like any other ‘busy’ time.

Think big

More visitors means more customers and more customers means more products need to be purchased or created, more staff need to be available and more room needs to be made in store.

You shouldn’t completely change your business model or the way you work, but you need to look at what you’d normally do on a ‘busy’ day and multiply it considerably – you’re obviously not going to get 10 million new customers through your doors just because there are that many visitors, but even 0.01% is 1,000 people – 0.01% isn’t an unrealistic figure, but could your business handle 1,000 new customers somewhat instantly?

Every organisation will have their own way of approaching the Olympic Games and ideas on how they’re going to capitalise on the huge influx of visitors due to descend upon London.  The above three points, however, should help you get the ball rolling with your Olympic Games preparations and ensure you can be confident that you can not only cope with the influx of visitors, but benefit from them considerably.

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