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How To Save Money When Doing Business Abroad

One of the ways that many businesses progress and develop is by looking at creating links and doing business outside of not just their local area, but their country.

Not only does this mean that you don’t have to be too concerned about local competition, but it also means that you instantly open up a global audience.

As would be expected, reaching out to businesses and customers outside of your own country can be expensive.

If you plan and prepare in advance, however, it really can work out to cost just the same – if not less – than working with local businesses and these three tips show you how.

1.  Communicate by e-mail

Although some do still see e-mail as a slightly less formal way of communication, it is without doubt an acceptable way of communicating with people in the modern day.

What’s more, doing business by e-mail – in the first instance, at least – can work out to be much more beneficial for both parties where there is a notable time difference.

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2.  Do your research into calling abroad

While communicating by e-mail should be your first port of call, especially as it’s completely free, you shouldn’t rule out making a phone call just because you think it’s expensive, as it can in fact be particularly cost-effective.

Aside from tools and resources such as Skype, which give you the ability to make calls anywhere in the world completely for free using an internet connection, there are numerous services that allow you to call both land line and cell phones abroad for heavily reduced costs.

It’s all simply a matter of research – put into Google exactly what you want to do (e.g., “call a UK cell from USA”) and you’ll be presented with the services you need in a matter of seconds.

3.  Combine work and pleasure

If you need to take a trip abroad before you finalize a business sale, one of the best ways to do so is to combine it with a personal break, as even if you take your family with you, you’re only likely to need to take one day out of the entire vacation for business.

Doing business abroad is something that although a real possibility for businesses of any size, needs to be thought through fully to ensure that it doesn’t become something which results in your business losing money and having the reverse effect to what was first intended.

This post was originally featured on October 11, 2011.

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