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How To Start Becoming A Green, Environmentally Friendly Small Business

In a day and age where news reports on the state of the environment seem to be apparent constantly, it’s easy to feel that both as an individual and a small business owner, you need to be doing your bit for the environment.

While you might think as a small business owner being green and environmentally friendly is difficult, the truth is every small business owner can make steps towards a greener way of working, with these three points showcasing how exactly you can start.

1.  Use recyclable goods

Although it may have been more difficult to purchase a wide range of recyclable goods in the past, the market today is huge and it’s extremely easy to purchase a recyclable option for many business goods – and the benefits can be fantastic.

Take carrier bags as an example.  While you might currently pay, for example, a few dollars per 500 plastic carrier bags, it’s extremely likely that with a little research, you’ll be able to purchase carrier bags made from a recycled material that are approximately the same price as your plastic ones, but which are a lot better for the environment.

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2.  Give your customers a green option

Most people, if given the option, would opt to help the environment and it’s therefore always a great option to provide your customers, where possible, with a green alternative.

While carrier bags, as mentioned in point one, are a great option, they’re not by any means the only option and you could easily provide green alternatives for everything from cutlery in a cafe through to coat hangers in a clothes store.

What’s more, by putting a small charge on the non-environmentally friendly option, you could see both an increase in turnover and a greater move towards green working.

3.  Speak to a specialist

While hiring the time of a specialist in green working may be costly, it’s highly likely that the advice they offer will not only make your small business a lot more environmentally friendly, but it will save you money, too

For example, you may not have considered installing solar panels, as you have automatically assumed they’re going to be too costly and not beneficial enough, but a specialist in green working would be able to provide useful information in relation to both costs and benefits for your small business.

It’s far too easy to simply ignore the fact that the environment is being damaged and to continue working exactly as you are now.  However, with just a few changes to your small business practices, you’ll be able to help the environment and most likely save yourself a small fortune as well.

This post was originally featured on January 3, 2012.

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