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How To Start The New Year In The Most Effective Way Possible

For many small business owners, the start of a New Year brings with it bagfuls of energy, aspiration and ideas.  Whether they’ve finished the last year on a high or a low, they’ve had a break over the holiday season and feeling fully rested and rejuvenated, they’re ready to take on the world.

But as much positive thinking as you might have and as excited as you may be to tackle the coming 12 months, too many small business owners end up doing nothing (or very little) with their ideas.

When we have time to relax and take a look at what we’ve done to date, it becomes clear where improvements need to be made.  Often happening regularly throughout the year – even on a daily basis when you climb into bed at night and for a few minutes, have a clear head and begin to realise where changes could be made – a lot of these thoughts could be extremely beneficial for the business.  However, their implementation very rarely happens because we’re so busy and end up putting it off.

Even if we write a list of things we have to change, the list just gets bigger and bigger as our working hours get taken up by things that are seemingly more important.

Initially, it may seem like there isn’t a solution to this and after Christmas, armed with your new ideas, you’re just going to end up with faded memories of your new goals as January passes, then February and so on until you’re at the same stage 12 months later.

But there is a solution.  It’s actually a really simple and straightforward one; possibly even one that may be too obvious for some to realise – and it’s that you need to understand the importance of your ideas.

Although this sounds like something you might read in an outdated, cheesy self-help book, it actually sums up perfectly what you need to do to ensure you start the coming year in the most effective way possible by making the best use of your ideas.

And the reason why it’s so important is because if you don’t realise how vital your ideas can be to the development and future success of your small business, you can’t devote the right amount of time and attention to them.

As we said above, we can all make lists and add our ideas as actions, but as soon as something else comes along, the ideas can get pushed further and further to the bottom.  The reason this happens is generally because we consider our ideas to be something we just need to look at when we get a few minutes free.

We forget to take into account that although some of these ideas are likely to have only minimal impact, the odds are one of them will have a positive effect on your small businesses.  It could be by increasing sales, reducing resources or improving efficiency, but whatever it is, it’s going to be beneficial, which is why it’s hugely important you realise, from today, that any ideas you have need to be treated as a priority.

Stop pushing them down your list, putting off actioning them or simply ignoring them because you don’t feel you have time – make time, as it really could pay dividends immediately.

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