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How To Treat Your Staff This Christmas Without Spending A Fortune

While your customers are the people who allow you to be in business, your staff are the people who ensure you can actually open and operate every day.

It’s always seen as the right thing to do for any business to treat their staff at Christmas, but as a small business owner, it’s unlikely that you have a lot of spare money to be able to spend on lavish presents.

By reading through these three points, however, you can treat your staff in a way that will be extremely welcoming, but which won’t cost you a fortune.

1.  Give your staff Christmas shopping time

You might think that your staff would prefer an actual present than an hour or two off to carry out some Christmas shopping, but you’d be surprised at just how thankful they’ll be.

In a world where it seems everyone is continuously busy, knowing that your employer will let you take a long lunch or finish early one day to get your Christmas shopping completed is a great feeling.

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2.  Organize a Christmas lunch

Although some employers may cover the full cost of a staff Christmas lunch, there are just as many who organize the entire event, but who ask for a certain amount of money from each of their staff members.

It doesn’t have to be the full amount, but if you found a restaurant that would charge you $30 per head, by splitting the bill 50/50 between the business and the staff, it would be almost guaranteed that your staff would be more than happy to pay $15 for a full Christmas lunch.

3.  Work on a skeleton staff basis over the Christmas period

Of every possible present that your staff could ask for, one of the most priceless is time off.

While it’s not a possibility for every organization, many can often work on a skeleton staff basis, having only the minimum number of employees working over the actual Christmas period.

You may not be able to give everyone a full week off, but if you have 10 members of staff and only two need to be in at anyone time, for example, that gives everyone at least a few days off to spend with their friends and family.

Being a small business owner means you have to deal with a lot of different problems and surprisingly to some, Christmas and your staff is one of them.

By following these three points, however, you should be able to please all of your members of staff right throughout the Christmas period without having to spend a fortune.

This post was originally featured on December 8, 2011.

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