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Improve E-Commerce with Better Content Marketing

Better content marketing is becoming more and more crucial to businesses wanting to acquire and retain customers in today’s market.  Most consumers are simply flooded with spammy advertisements.  Most people send them to their junk mail or delete them without looking at them, and most of the money that went into creating and sending them is wasted.

Instead, merchants need to develop marketing material that consumers aren’t as likely to ignore.  With content marketing, this means providing them with valuable information that makes them want to read the material, and the information they read should aim to influence the consumer’s behavior.

Here are some ways to improve content marketing in your e-commerce business.

Product Descriptions

Customers want to see as much information about the products they’re buying as possible, and that information should be relevant to their needs. Images should be there as well.

Making sure the customer has all of the necessary information about a product to help them decide if it’s the one they need will help the customer choose the right product from your site and they will be happy once they get it, making repeat business likely.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews about products are essential to have.  Most consumers want to buy quality items, and they aren’t necessarily going to trust what the retailer or manufacturer has to say about it, because there is an obvious bias.

However, reviews from other customers are likely to be more trusted.  If the reviews also provide information as to how the other customers are using the product, how long they’ve been using it, and if there are any defects, exactly what they are and the circumstances they were discovered in, a customer is much more likely to not only take the good ones into consideration and make them more likely to buy the product, but respect the merchant for allowing the negative reviews.


Video is a very engaging tool and can be very informative if used correctly.  They are especially important if you’re selling something that has some sort of effect you wish to demonstrate or if the operation of the product needs to be demonstrated to give consumers a better understanding of how to use the product properly.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are more than just promotional material.  They should also include information that would interest the people who would shop on your site.  This tells your customers you are an expert on the topic of your products and you keep up with whatever industry they are a part of, making them more likely to buy from you.

It also keeps you at the forefront of their minds and makes them more likely to buy something when they think about it or see one of your promotions.

Content marketing is an important marketing strategy in today’s e-commerce market.  It helps customers get the information they want without having to hunt for it and makes them more likely to make purchases.  What other types of content marketing do you do?

This post was originally featured on November 21, 2013.

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