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How To Increase Sales Using LinkedIn

Running a small business today is fantastic. There might be more red tape to work through and many policies and procedures you have to understand, but the sheer number of resources available can make growth and development easier than ever before.

We’ve talked previously about several resources that can be used, such as Twitter, but one of the ones we haven’t touched a lot on is LinkedIn.

A particular popular professional networking website, it already has several million members, but its popularity is growing by the day.

Although it has a number of clear benefits in the networking sense, it can actually be a particularly fantastic resource for small business development – you just have to know how to harness it for this reason.


And one of the first points to understand is that it’s a fantastic platform for you to engage with others on.

Today, consumers crave personalisation as part of the customer experience. They don’t just want to be interacting with a brand, but with people who work for a company. This way they can build a relationship with them, increasing trust and confidence in the brand as a whole.

Through LinkedIn, you can essentially reach out to a huge portion of your target audience and engage with then on a two-way basis, something that’s particularly beneficial if you’re a B2B small business (it has to be remembered that LinkedIn is a professional networking resource, so most people on there are active in some type of business capacity).

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What LinkedIn can also be great for is to satisfy your audience’s need for information.

When we consider shopping with a company today, we almost always go online to find out more information about them first, especially if we haven’t shopped with them before.

By utilising your status updates effectively and correctly using the groups section of the website, you provide a considerable amount of information to educate your target audience with on the topics you know about and which are of most interest to them.


A point to note here is that by using LinkedIn’s groups, you can also speak with a voice of authority, offering your views on a specific topic that your target audience are discussing.

When done effectively, this can have a huge impact on everything from brand awareness through to the confidence your customers have in your brand.

The reason this happens is because when a company speaks about a certain topic in a public way, assuming any claims are backed up with statistics, it shows their target audience that they genuinely know what they are talking about.

They aren’t just in business because they know a little about it, but they have the knowledge, experience and confidence to speak about topics publicly and aren’t afraid to voice their own opinion.

LinkedIn is just one of many digital resources that can be used to drive forward your small business’s development.

However, as with so many others, its benefits for this reason may not be immediately obvious – but they are there and you simply need to know how to utilise them for your small business’s success.

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