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Planning Your Move Around Your Home Business

This guest post was written by Yolander Prinzel on behalf of

If you need to take time away from your home business in order to move, then there are some pre-moving steps you can take so that your absence is barely felt and your budget doesn’t suffer the consequences of this absence.

  • Set concrete dates for the move: You can’t operate your business around the dates of your move unless you have concrete dates for the move. Decide what days you’ll need exclusively for packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking and set them in stone. You may even want to create a schedule and moving checklist to help ensure that your move doesn’t extend beyond those dates.
  • Notify clients: Let your clients know as far in advance as possible about the dates you will be unavailable, or have limited availability, due to the move. You can send out a general notice to everyone but you should follow up with individual emails to those clients with monthly projects that will be affected by these dates.
  • Work ahead: In order to minimize the inconvenience a move puts on your clients and keep your income from suffering, do your best to work ahead so that projects you would normally have worked on during the dates of your move, you get done in advance.
  • Book new work around moving dates: Don’t book any projects, phone calls, or deadlines during the dates you’ve set aside for the move. Reserve your limited business availability to dealing with the non-negotiables.
  • Build passive income: If you have the potential to create, market and release products that will provide a source of passive income, try to do so shortly before you will be unavailable due to the move. Make sure you are present for the initial launch and a few days after to make sure it runs smoothly. This way, you create a source of income that can work for you while you are busy moving.
  • Adjust your marketing: You don’t want to skip marketing altogether on the dates of your move, but you do want to avoid active marketing and making responses to the interest your marketing efforts drum up. It may be a good idea to ramp up marketing that averages a longer client response time during the days before your move, and save the immediate response marketing for when you get back.

You went into business for yourself for a reason. For you, a home business isn’t just a hobby or way to earn additional spending money; it’s your dream, your retirement, and your family’s livelihood. By incorporating the steps outlined above, you can make sure that your business is able to sustain your limited availability during the move and is still there for you when you are ready to settle back in.

Yolander Prinzel ( is a financial writer as well as a former series 7, 66 and 2-15 licensed representative. She’s written for many financial sites and publications including the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company, the International Travel Insurance Journal, Money Smart Radio, Discover Bank, MyMove and Covestor.

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