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PR Planning: Goal Setting

Note: This post was originally published at and was moved to BizAmmo upon that blog’s reorganization.

When compiling your PR plan, after you’ve determined your problem or opportunity and have evaluated your situation, it’s time to set a goal. What do you hope to accomplish through this particular PR campaign?

Once you’ve done the research, and determined an actual need exists for a campaign, you have to decide (in a general sense) what you’d like to get out of it. The goal can be somewhat broad, and doesn’t have to be measurable (although it’s great if it is – your objectives will be more specific), but it should certainly be attainable.

Let’s use some of the examples from our previous post on identifying problems and/or opportunities in PR planning, and list some example goals to correspond with each:

Problem: No one is visiting our website, because they don’t know that it exists.

Goal: Raise awareness of our website and what we offer within our target audience.

Problem: The public is losing trust in our brand, because of a recall over safety issues in the past.

Goal: Rebuild trust with current and former customers to lure them back or keep their business.

Opportunity: There aren’t any musicians in our specific genre well-known in the region, so we have an opportunity to position ourselves through an image campaign.

Goal: Raise awareness of our band and style in our region, to begin to make a name for ourselves.

Opportunity: Our organization regularly needs volunteers. We have an untapped audience of potential volunteers at a local college campus, and if we can mobilize this group, our events can be more fully staffed.

Goal: Raise awareness with college students of our organization, what we do, how they can get involved, and what the benefits of volunteering are for them.

As you can see, the goal phase of PR planning can be rather general. We’ll talk more about specific, measurable objectives to narrow things down in a later post.

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