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PRWeb Stops Free Press Release Distribution

Apparently I’ve been a bit out of the loop and the rest of the world has known about this for at least a few days (in my defense, I haven’t distributed on PRweb for a few weeks).  But, one of the most popular press release distribution sites, has announced that as of October 23rd, they will no longer be offering free press release distribution.

I’m not exactly a big PRweb fan. But I can admire this move. My biggest problem was always the watered down feel of non-newsworthy releases. So I’m actually mildly thrilled that they’re making what I’d consider a good move.

Of course it also means one of the top free press release distribution outlets for webmasters and small businesses will be gone, short of using upgrade packages. Perhaps it will lead to one of the others growing a good bit (like – my personal favorite free distribution site). Or perhaps others will eventually follow suit. Either way, I’ll be interested to watch the quality changes over on PRweb later this month.

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