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Resume Writing as a Home Business Opportunity

There are a variety of home business opportunities available to anyone interested in writing. One such home business opportunity is resume writing (a type of work that can be done in a freelance writing capacity or by setting up a more formal home business with a resume writing service).

What Resume Writers Do (Is it for You?)

The role of resume writers may seem like a simple one on the surface: they write resumes to help people find jobs. However, there’s more to the work of being a resume writer than simply plugging employment histories and skills into resume templates. Here are some of the responsibilities you would face as a resume writer:

  • A resume writer has to be persuasive.
  • A resume writer has to be able to make a sometimes far-from-perfect work history look less unflattering for a client without becoming dishonest.
  • A resume writer becomes involved in a client’s sometimes emotional job search, putting them at a higher risk than other types of writers to have to deal with unhappy clients (if a resume you write doesn’t get someone a job they’re highly invested in).
  • A resume writer may have to obtain certification in the field to be taken seriously or earn more money.

Highlights of a Resume Writing Business

  • Resume writing can be a work from home job opportunity.
  • A resume writing business or freelance resume writing career can be a low-cost startup idea.
  • Resume writing can be a field that lends itself well to word of mouth marketing.

Downsides of a Resume Writing Business

  • A resume writing business is at least in part reliant on the existing job market (if people simply aren’t looking for work, or if finding a job is too easy without having a professional resume written, your market may be slow and somewhat out of your hands).
  • You do need to consider a certification process to be taken more seriously (perhaps even more than one).
  • Writing in general is a competitive area.

More on Becoming a Resume Writer

Here are a few additional things to consider if you’re interested in becoming a professional resume writer:

  • Create a portfolio of sample resumes. Resumes that successfully led to job placements will carry more weight than those that didn’t. When showcasing resume samples, it’s probably a good idea to remove any personal or contact information about the client (and of course, get their permission).
  • If you don’t have existing sample resumes to add to a portfolio, consider writing resumes for friends or family members who may be in the middle of a job search, on the condition that you can use the resume as a sample if it gets them a job.
  • Visit to learn more about becoming a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).
  • Visit the National Resume Writers’ Association ( to learn more about the NRWA certification program to become a nationally certified resume writer (NCRW).

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