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How Important is SEO For Small Businesses?

There are so many digital tools and resources available to use today that deciding on which ones will benefit your small business most can prove to be completely and utterly confusing.

For this reason, a lot of decisions are based either on recommendations from others or what is believed will have the quickest positive impact.

Whilst this can be great in one sense – word of mouth is always a good way to find out what works – it can be problematic in another, as it can mean you miss something that could be vital to your small business’s success.

And a perfect example of one such resource is SEO.

In the most simple and straightforward of ways, SEO should be something every small business takes into account, as the results of any effective strategy can be extremely beneficial.

For example, if you’re at the top of Google for the most relevant search terms – and you’re sending visitors to a page that’s been properly optimised for conversions – your sales figures should increase substantially. It really is as ‘simple’ as that.

However, when asking others about SEO, you’ll no doubt hear a whole host of negative comments, usually about how it didn’t work and how it was a waste of money.

Rather than take these comments at face value, however, you need to delve a little deeper, as more often than not, the strategies weren’t setup or implemented in an effective way.

It might only be one word – effective – but it’s the difference between you investing in SEO and seeing your business develop tremendously and investing in it and not having anything to show at the end.

How you determine how effective a strategy is going to be for you can seem like an impossible task, but as long as you understand a little about how search engines work, as well as what your audience want, it shouldn’t prove to be that difficult.

For instance, if an agency says they’re going to choose keywords that will drive huge amounts of traffic, who’s to say those keywords are going to bring visitors that convert?

Instead, the keywords need to be highly targeted, bringing quality rather quantity – 100 visitors with a 50% conversion rate is better than 500 with a 1% rate.

SEO is a necessity for any business, no matter how big or small. However, it’s not just about saying you need SEO, as there’s so much to take into account.

Whilst you shouldn’t necessarily take it upon yourself to devise and roll out a strategy, you do need to do your research, understand what’s possible and then move forward along the most suitable path, as only this way will you realise how much of a necessity SEO actually is.

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