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Set Things in a Positive Motion

Want more productive business time? You want to create momentum then. You want the first force of effective workflow to keep you chugging along productively, and that means setting things in positive motion.

You set things in positive motion when you start your morning off right. Or whatever time of day you start working–not always the morning for everyone. But establishing a good start for yourself can mean a good run all around.

Whenever you start work, try these simple but effective ways to keep yourself productive, directive or indirectly:

  • Eat a healthy meal. Probably a good breakfast, if you start work in morning hours. While it won’t make you better at your work, directly, it will indirectly set up you up for success. How you function is largely dependent on how you’re preparing yourself to function, which is why good nutrition goes along with the next suggestion.
  • Exercise, even if it is just a short walk. Nothing gets a good flow going like some exercise. You’re body gets prepared to do the work at hand and you’ll feel more level-headed and focused by starting with exercise. Nothing major, don’t have to break out a whole new exercise system inside your living room or get a deluxe gym membership. Just a simple walk of 30 minutes or so can add a refreshing, healthy boost to your day.
  • See the big picture, little picture balance. What needs to be done in the long run? What needs to be done now? What does it all mean? Really answering these questions will focus your daily work on the most vital tasks for your business and help you stay focused as you encounter distractions throughout your day.
  • Look ahead realistically. You need to be realistic about what tasks you set forth for you day, how long it will take you to accomplish them, and what factors you will be able to control.
  • Get positive. Whether it means looking at a family photo, reviewing a past achievement, listening to a song that puts you in a good mood (listen to a couple and shamelessly dance along and there’s your exercise!) or meditation or prayer, something should put you in a good mood. Negative starts mean declining results. Do what you can to put yourself into a positive space for the day.

How do you start off the work day right for maximum productivity? What are those good, simple things that set your day in positive motion?

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