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Small Business Financing: Business Cash Advances

Are you in need of financing for your small business, but running out of options like unsecured business loans? Do you need expansion capital, but your company’s slow startup led to less than stellar credit? Are even bad credit business loans out of the question?

If you’re struggling to get a business loan to grow your small or online business, a business cash advance might be another option to consider.

What is a Business Cash Advance?

A business cash advance is a quick means of injecting cash into a business for growth and expansion, based on things like future credit card sales, and with fewer formalities and “rules” than associated with business loans and other types of small business financing.

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What are the “Rules” of Getting a Business Cash Advance?

  1. Your business must already exist (the business cash advances aren’t available for startup costs).
  2. Your business must accept credit cards and process a minimum of $1000 in credit card sales per month.

How Fast Are Business Cash Advances:

A business cash advance can be processed in approximately seven days, and up to $250,000.

With the minimal requirements, fast turnaround, and the ability for even businesses with bad or low credit histories to get financing, a business cash advance might be an option worth considering for your expansion needs.

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