ANNOUNCEMENT: BizAmmo has been retired. All new content (and much of the BizAmmo archives) can now be found at Some archived content will remain on the original domain for the time being. But there will be no further updates to BizAmmo.

The BizAmmo Blog Content Audit: What to Expect

Over the next several days (and possibly a couple of weeks), will be undergoing a blog content audit. In essence, all of our content will be analyzed, and some edits will be made.

What Readers Can Expect

Most of the changes that result from this blog content audit should not be visible to you as a reader. They’re back-end tasks such as improving meta information (for search engine indexing and rankings) which won’t display on the front-end of the site. However, some front-end changes will occur. For example:

  • The design was updated. This already occurred, so you can check out those changes immediately. While I haven’t come across any problems as a direct result of the new theme changes here, I encourage you to let me know if something doesn’t work correctly so I can fix it immediately.
  • Poor formatting in posts will be fixed. This site has moved between several publishing platforms and several designs over the years. As a result of some poor choices in the past, some content does not fit the current design of the site properly. For example, some old posts still have summaries at the top which, based on our new stylesheet, appear very large, and then have a huge gap of white space below them. They will all be corrected. Some posts also have different subheading and list styles than others. I intend to have that fixed as well.
  • Some posts will be edited. All of our writing improves over time. As a result, I plan to edit some of our older posts — especially those that still bring in decent search engine traffic. That might mean something as simple as fixing broken links and spelling errors to overhauling or updating the content where appropriate.

My hope is that the changes to come won’t interfere with your reading experience here at, and that all of our upcoming adjustments will be for the better. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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