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The Cloud: Why It Will Make Running Your Small Business Easier

The cloud is one of those pieces of technology that most small business owners have heard of, but which not many fully understand what it is – or more importantly, how it can be of benefit to them.

In theory, the cloud is essentially a hard drive that you can’t see as it isn’t physical. You can store all of your files and folders in it – generally with no limits – and can access them wherever you are in the world, whenever you’d like to, as long as you have an internet connection.

And it’s when you understand this basic description that you begin to realise just how the cloud could be more than a little helpful when running your small business.

One of the most difficult aspects of being in business that everyone has to get their head around is how they’re going to organise everything in the best way possible.

I’ve said this before, but there’s so much to consider when you’re setting up a small business that you have to wear a dozen different hats everyday, all depending on who you’re dealing with, what time of day it is or the problem you’re facing, for example.

Whilst there isn’t one quick and easy answer to resolving the complications that become apparent when we’re looking at the organisational side of things, utilising the cloud could go a long way to making things a lot easier to manage – you simply have to take the time to look at the benefits it can offer and visualise how they can impact on the running of your small business.

For example, aside from the fact you can store all of your files away from your own computer, you can also use the cloud for Remote Desktop purposes.

This means that when setup correctly, you’ll not only be able to access the latest pictures you’ve taken and uploaded or Word documents saved to the cloud, but you’ll be able gain access to your computer’s desktop, with all of your programs and applications in the exact location you know and understand.

Although this has some instant ‘wow factor’ benefits and is likely to impress any small business owner you show, the realty is it can be one of the most effective tools you can utilise. It doesn’t matter where you are, which computer you’re at or any other affecting factor, as long as you have an internet connection, you can essentially access your own computer, just as you would if you were to walk into your office and boot up your PC.

The cloud is one of those resources that has actually been used for many years, but it’s only in the last three or four that it’s really started to come to prominence.

Having a huge array of benefits for organisations of all sizes, I’ve only scratched the surface in this blog post, but hope it’s stirred up some interest in the topic and encourages you to take a further look at the options available with the cloud, as I’m sure they’ll be more than a little beneficial for your growing small business.

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