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Why the Holiday Shopping Season is the Perfect Time to Buy for Your Business

You know that back-to-school time is a great time to stock up on office supplies for your small or home-based business. But did you know the holiday shopping season can offer just as good — if not better –deals for your business? It’s the perfect time to buy for a few reasons:

  1. Retailers offer sales to pull in holiday shoppers and improve their numbers for the season and year.
  2. This year’s product models are being discounted to clear them out to make room for next year’s models (and this year’s products are often more than adequate for your business).
  3. If you make the purchases this year, you’ll get to deduct all or a portion of the cost as a business expense this year as well.

So what kinds of things can you save money on for your business this holiday shopping season? Here are a few ideas:


If it’s time to upgrade your home business computer, laptop, or employees’ office systems, the holiday shopping season might be the perfect time to buy. Not only are electronics traditionally deeply discounted during this time of year, but with new models coming out you might find some good clearance deals as well.

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Cell Phones

If you’re a work-at-home type, maybe you’re tired of using your home phone for business calls and you want a business mobile phone. Or perhaps you have a small group of employees and you want to get them on the same phones if they regularly do business out of the office. Again it’s a good time to buy. Even though new models come out year-round, there’s often a big sales push on cell phones around the holidays.

Cars / Trucks / Vans

If your business requires any size of vehicle fleet and it’s time to upgrade some of your vehicles, the end-of-year shopping season can bring about some great deals. Get this year’s models at discounted rates and take advantage of any special holiday promotions dealerships are offering. Inventory might be thinning out if you wait too long though, so get in during the earlier portion of the holiday shopping season this fall.

Office Furniture

Whether you need to furnish several offices or you just want a new desk and chair for your home office, the holiday shopping season could be a good time to buy. New models might be coming out soon and furniture stores or office supply stores that feature office furniture will be trying to move the old merchandise. Since office supply stores also tend to sell electronics (big holiday items), you can expect them to run typical retail holiday sales storewide — not just at back-to-school time.

Do you like to make business purchases at the end of the year (for tax reasons or any other)? Why? What other types of office products do you find great deals on this time of year? Leave a comment below to tell us about it.

This post was originally featured on October 20, 2010.

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