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Wireless Merchant Accounts for the Age of Mobility

Merchant accounts that chain you to a physical location are for dinosaurs. You should be able to do business whenever you want, wherever you want, and take your merchant account with you.

Wireless technology is evolving rapidly, and it could be an important development for your business. Many merchants have seen their sales volume multiply after setting up a wireless merchant account for credit card processing.

Once you set up a wireless merchant account, you’ll be able to process credit card transactions from virtually anywhere—at home, in your car, at a customer’s office, or at trade shows and conventions. A wireless credit card terminal is ideal for many service businesses. Here’s how it works.

Using advanced credit card terminal technology, wireless terminals have an internal battery that powers wireless service and access to your merchant account. You won’t need a phone line or any external source of power.

It can take three seconds or less to process wireless credit card transactions, and you can get instant approval and decline codes. If your wireless credit card terminal uses a fast thermal printer you can give your customer a physical receipt on the spot.

A wireless merchant account can also save you on credit card processing costs. Wireless credit card payments can qualify as swiped “card present” transactions, so you’ll get the lowest interchange rates.

If you have a high sales volume, and you need an extra fast transaction speed, a wireless credit card terminal may be the answer. The convenience of wireless payment processing also reduces the number of lost sales opportunities.

It’s fairly easy to set up a wireless merchant account. The first thing you need to do is
check for network coverage. Wireless credit card terminals work on a network, just like cell phones, and the service varies depending on your location. If you know where you will most frequently use your wireless terminal to process credit card transactions, you can select a network that covers your area.

Likewise, you should also consider how weather, network traffic, terrain, signal strength,
obstructions, building density, construction, and environmental conditions will affect your wireless credit card terminal.

Once you’ve found the best network for your wireless merchant account, you have to choose the right wireless credit card processing terminal. This is where you don’t want to compromise. Ideally you’ll get a lightweight, flexible terminal that allows you to securely process error-free transactions in a short amount of time.

Once you’re processing credit card transactions through a wireless terminal, you’ll be working in a broader range of situations, so you’ll need a broader range of services. A handheld wireless terminal should support credit, debit, T&E, EBT, Smart Card, gift cards, and loyalty cards.

You can add to your payment processing power with an easy-to-load thermal
printer, a touch screen, a built-in PIN Pad, or an EMV smart card reader.

If you want greater network coverage, use GPRS. It works on a tiny chip, just as it does in mobile phones. GPRS practically assures network coverage at no extra cost, so it gives you the freedom to roam almost anywhere with your wireless merchant account.

Finally, ensure that you have an equipment warranty with your processor. This will ultimately save you time and effort.

Congratulations on joining the wireless revolution. By choosing to accept credit card payments through a wireless terminal, you’re offering both your company and your clients a brave new world of opportunities.

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